Problem skin?

Do you get pus filled blemishes?

Mollenol is designed for you.

Apply Essential Serum Spot Treatment and cover with a Hydrocolloid Patch.

The natural way.

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  • Oil Cleansing

    Applying oils to the skin helps the skin to stop overproducing its own oil.

    Our gentle, cleansing moisturiser Spot Treatment breaks up pus and helps with blemishes and breakouts.

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  • Traditional Use

    Essential oils have been used for centuries to cleanse and moisterise our skin. The Essential Serum Spot Treatment contains a mix of all natural essentials. 

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  • So Easy

    Spot Treatment because you can roll it on your spots. Quality stainless steel ball built in. Unscrew the lid and apply. Just like that, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Natural

    Hydrocolloid is all natural vegetable based gel that gently absorbs the pus as it exudes from pimples & pustules. Our patches are infused with the natural scent of clove and tea tree essentials.

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  • Easy

    Our Patches are thick to absorb more pus and so easy to handle and apply. Overnight application and longer if needed.

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  • Safe

    Our pimple patches are fully compatible with Mollenol Serum. All natural hydrocolloid patches provide a safe way to help with problem pimples and pustules like acne, folliculitis and molluscum.

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