Collection: Care for Molluscum

Using Mollenol for molluscum care is best achieved by combining Mollenol Patches with our mild Mollenol Essential Serum. 

Mollenol Serum will help break up the pus and cleanse the skin.

It is the pus which contains the virus that spreads the molluscum infection. 

Mollenol Patches are designed to absorb the pus.

To further limit the spread of molluscum, change towels, clothes, and pillow cases more often.

Baths are a common place for spreading molluscum.

We recommend you wash out the baby bath with apple cider vinegar and don't use soap bars, use liquid soap. 

We also recommend using apple cider vinegar as a wash over. It can be diluted if needed. See how to use apple cider vinegar with molluscum.

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